Saturday, July 7, 2012

Zach Parise is gone, GOOD RIDDANCE

Here we are in the part of the NHL season where things change. Yes, it's time for Free Agency. Every year there is on star player that is number one on every teams list of players to sign. This year it was the New Jersey Devils captain Zach Parise.

As a Devils fan, I really wasn't looking forward to July 1st. Knowing the possibility and very likely hood Zach Parise was gonna be signing somewhere else. July 1st came and went and nothing, Hockey reporters camping outside Parise's agent's office just waiting for the word he had signed somewhere. July 2nd came and word from the "Parise camp" came out that teams have shown great interest and no decision was made. But, in the age of Twitter and Facebook there are no secrets. Speculations on what teams were in the running for Zach Parise was out for everyone to speculate on.

July 3rd comes and rumors are there will be a decision today. I immediately txt one of my close twitter friends and ask if she could txt me if there was a decision while I was at work. At 11:43 am I get a txt message my heart stops, Devils sign Bryce Salvadore 3 years $9.5 million. After a brief sigh of relief, I start pondering the pros and cons of the signing. At 2pm I get home, send a txt msg "I'm home, Thanks for the update." Open up Tweetdeck and browse through TSN reporters tweets, no word on Zach Parise. At 4:45pm, there is word Parise will be making an announcement in 5 mins. I quickly turn on the NHL Network on and they are replaying a playoff game so, I turn to my satellite radio to the NHL station and wait. Minutes after 5pm, word comes from Parise that he hasn't made a decision and he is going home to sleep on it. Once again I go back to weighing the pros and cons of the no-decision announcement.

July 4th comes and rumors of Ryan Suter will be making an announcement on where he'll be playing in the future. Now, it was no secret the Ryan Suter and Zach Parise were close friends and looking to play together. At 11:30am I'm at my desk glued to the computer screen. Noon comes and the news breaks, Ryan Suter has signed to play for the Minnesota Wild. I knew what was coming next and sure enough, Zach Parise has officially signed to play with the Minnesota Wild.

Twitter explodes from mostly New Jersey Devils fans, most of them pissed that their captain has left. A lot of tweets calling Parise "greedy" or "a liar." Which brings me back to July 1st, when the Devils goaltender of 18yrs Martin Brodeur went to "test free agency."

Back on June 11th after losing 6-1 in final game of the Stanley Cup Final, Martin Brodeur stated (I don't have the exact quote) "He wouldn't make a decision till July 1st but he's always been a New Jersey Devil and always would be." Days leading up to July 1st word comes out that Brodeur has hired an agent for the first time in career. July 1st comes and the rumors of teams interested in signing Brodeur comes out. As the day progresses Devils fans speculate on there is a chance that Brodeur will sign elsewhere, then who's gonna be the Devils goaltender for the upcoming season. Scott Clemmensen and Johan Hedberg are the two names that come up the most.

I wake up on July 2nd to find out Brodeur has signed a 2yr $9 million contract. As the day progresses I find out from TSN that the Devils had originally only offered Brodeur a 1yr contract and 3 teams had offered him a 2yr contract.

In my opinion he basically forced the Devils into offering a 2yr contract. Yes, Brodeur deserves to get what he wants but, at what cost.

The same people who were speculating that there was a chance Brodeur could be gone, and days later would call Zach Parise "greedy and a liar" suddenly, were tweeting "I knew he wasn't going anywhere" "Glad Brodeur is back for another 2 yrs"

Which brings me to the purpose of this blog. When a player from your team leaves, fans will turn on them at the drop of a dime. When a player from your team gets what he wants and stays, they can do no wrong.

I've been a sports fan since I was 10 yrs old. I've seen players come and go. I've never thought that someone was being greedy for leaving my favorite team. If someone offered me more money to do the same job that I'm doing, I would probably take it.

In closing, I'd like to thank, Director Kevin Smith for giving me the inspiration to write this

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hockey Community Bands Together

I originally started this site just before the 2009-2010 playoffs, then the New Jersey Devils had one of their worst seasons every. And I took the "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all" approach. I pondered doing some off season blogs about the draft and free agency but, time wasn't a friend of mine.

However, there is always time to help a friend of mine.

Over the past weekend the east coast was hit by Hurricane Irene, many lives were change in just hours. One of those lives, was a friend of mine on twitter, has lost her house. Sunday night she slept in her car with her dog. Where she is going from here I don't know.

In the wake of this tragedy to one of our own, a fund has been set up over at NHLtweetup to help her as she gets back on her feet. You can donate $5 to help—you can donate $100 to help. Any little bit helps. And as an added bonus, any donation will be matched dollar for dollar by a contributor who wishes to remain anonymous. Just imagine the head start we can give her!

If you run a blog, please feel free to grab the widget and tell your readers about this situation. If you’re on Twitter, retweet a link to your followers. If you’re on Facebook, let your friends and family know about the situation. You never know who may feel the desire to help out a stranger…

Thanks for indulging us—we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled hockey programming in a bit.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Questions will become answers. What's wrong with the NJ Devils?

Three games into the 2010-2011 NHL season, all I hear is what's wrong with the New Jersey Devils. Well let's analyze these three games.

Opening Night against the Dallas Stars.

Devils come out like a ball of fire. Goals from Zajac and Parise seven minutes into the game. Kovalchuk hits the far post minutes later that would have made it 3-0. Then the expected happens Dallas makes it 2-1 going into the second.

Start of the second Devils look flat. 3 minutes in Loui Eriksson ties it up sitting all alone in front of the net, ties it up. Correction Tallinder counts his paycheck as Eriksson ties it up. Devils still look flat but, get a power play at the 9min mark. Jason Arnott scores in the closing secs of the PP making it 3-2 Devils. Only for Brad Richards to tie it up as they are announcing the goal. Devils are out shot 12-4 in the second

Third Period.. Devils seem to show some signs of life, keyword being some. There was no scoring in the third Devils out shoot Stars 13-4.

Overtime.. Loui Eriksson comes down the left boards a puts one past Brodeur 1min into overtime, Devils lose third straight home opener

High points: Brodeur comes up with some big save. Parise, Zajac, Kovalchuk line with 5 points

Low points: Devils relied on Brodeur too much. Defense looked shaky

Game 2 vs Washington

I didn't watch this game so, I'm not gonna try to explain a 7-2 lose.

What I saw was Ovechkin had 2 goals including a penalty shot.

Third period turns into a Brawl for all including probably the ugliest fight I've ever seen.

Low points: The second period.. Also Volchenkov leaves the game with a broken nose. Rolston suffers a Lower Body Injury

Game 3 vs Pittsburgh (aka the lets boo Paul Martin game)

With 2 injuries, 1 suspension, and salary cap issues, the New Jersey Devils were forced to dress only 15 skaters. And of course, it has to be against Sidney Crosby

First period. Devils kill off an early penalty on Kovalchuk for "Holding" Sidney Crosby. Devils looks sluggish, I start thinking this is gonna be a long game. Devils take another penalty at the 12 minute mark. Tallinder two minutes for tripping. Devils kill that penalty. In the closing minute Kovalchuk makes a crucial turn over just out side the Devils zone and Alex Goligoski makes it count. At the end of one, it 1-0 Penguins

Beginning of the second, Elias and Crosby battling down the right side boards in the Devils zone, Crosby falls, Elias gets two minutes for tripping. In the closing seconds, of the penalty Penguins score, off the skate of Devils defensemen Tallinder. It's now 2-0 Penguins. Devils end up killing off two more penalties in the second period. End of two 2-0 Penguins

Third period. Devils showing some life. Parise takes a penalty at the 5 minute mark, Devils kill it. Eight minutes in Elias scores off and offensive zone face off win by Jason Arnott. Devils down 2-1, the crowd is finally doing something other then booing Paul Martin ever time he touches the puck. Devils offense looks pretty good for only dressing 15 skaters in the third period. Devils get a power play at the 12 minute mark. It ended up looking like a Penguins power play. Brodeur makes a sliding save and Kovalchuk keeps the puck from going in on a rebound. Devils pull Brodeur with a minute in a half left in the game. It doesn't pay off, Paul Martin adds the empty netter with 10 seconds left. Devils lose 3-1

High points: Devils play strong even only dressing 15 skaters. Brodeur can still keep Devils in games

Low points: once again Devils relying on Brodeur to much. inability to clear the puck out of the defensive zone

So, what's wrong with the Devils? Well salary cap issue has to be address sooner then later. Four new players on defense, including two rookies, is showing weakness. Power Play still looks like last year.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Devils Round 1 Playoff schedule

Wednesday, April 14 at New Jersey, 7:30 p.m.
Friday, April 16 at New Jersey, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday, April 18 at Philadelphia, 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, April 20 at Philadelphia, 7:30 p.m.
*Thursday, April 22 at New Jersey, 7:00 p.m.
*Sunday, April 25 at Philadelphia, TBD
*Tuesday, April 27 at New Jersey, 7:30 p.m.
Broadcast schedule to be announced
*if necessary

Sunday, March 28, 2010

1 Minute and 30 Seconds Of Hell

With 8 games remaining in the season for the New Jersey Devils, I start getting pumped for the playoffs. After Clinching a playoff spot for the 13Th consecutive season Saturday night with a win against the Montreal Canadians, I start looking at possible match ups. And I am quickly reminded of last season.

After winning the Atlantic Division , the New Jersey Devils were the 3rd seed in the East and were up against the Carolina Hurricanes. I knew going up against the Hurricanes was not gonna be a walk in the park and was gonna be a six or seven game series. After splitting the first two games at home, the Devils traveled to Carolina split the next two games. With a questionable non-call that ended game four the Devils came back home with a chip on their shoulder. I remember getting home from work the next day, jumping onto Devils Ticket Exchange and finding my seat for game five. In probably the best goaltender battle I've seen ever the NJ Devils won 1-0. Only to not show up for game six in Carolina and get blown out 4-0. Back onto Ticket Exchange for game 7, ooh look same seats sold. The Devils had a 3-2 lead with 1 minute and 30 seconds left in the game. The Devils "seemed" to have this one in hand. However, the Hurricanes had other ideas. I don't remember who scored the tying goal but, I do remember Eric Staal stealing the puck from Niclas Havelid with under a minute to go. Staal headed in to the Devils zone and my head went down and I had to cover my eyes. And then the music. I yell at the top of my lungs "MOTHERFUCKER" and quickly turning around to apologize to the family sitting behind me.

Devils "Fans" start emptying the seats and heading towards the exits with time still left on the clock. I know the game is over but, I'm not going anywhere. NJ Devils send a fury of pucks at Cam Ward only for him to stop them all. As I left the arena, I was still dumbfounded. Yet, still as I pass Carolina fans celebrating I had to pat them on the back and say "Good series and good luck." I remember Kevin Weeks saying "We(healthy scratches) were watching the game at the practice arena and were headed to celebrate with our team in the locker room, only to come in to see a bunch of dejected faces." Or something to that.

Through out the 2009-2010 New Jersey Devils season, watching games live or watching games on TV I have said "You know what this reminds me of?" Mostly due to defensive injuries and having to call up young defensemen from the AHL and not having playing enough games to get settled. With Mark Fraser being the exception till the return of Paul Martin and the acquisition of Martin Skoula. Fortunately, since the Olympic break there hasn't been to many of those moments.

With 8 games remaining it is unclear who the New Jersey Devils will face in the first round. I just know it won't be that team who resides across the river.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Zach Who?

I was watching ESPNEWS at approximately 4pm eastern time and Barry Melrose was talking about the NHL MVP. OK, he was talking about the battle between Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin for the NHL MVP. Melrose noted that you have to consider Ryan Miller and Steven Stamkos for the award.

All of a sudden, I'm yelling at my television. WHAT ABOUT ZACH PARISE? Why doesn't anyone mention Zach Parise in the race for NHL MVP. Zach who on March 5th scored two of the Devils three goals, in a loss to Calgary. Zach who became the first New Jersey Devil to score 30+ goals in four consecutive years. Zach who has 35 assist to go with his 30 goals.

After ranting for a couple minutes I decided to look at the numbers because, the numbers don't lie. First let's take a look at Alex Ovechkin, 44 goals 48 assist on a team that has scored 260 goals. Which means he has a point in 35% of the Capitals' goals. Next we have Sidney Crosby, 44 goals and 40 assist on a team that has scored 211 goals. Which means Sid "The Kid" has a point on 39% of the Penguins' goals. What about Steven Stamkos? Stamkos has 40 goals and 36 assist on a team that has scored172 goals. Which means Stamkos has a point in 41% of the Lightning's goals. Finally we have Zach Parise, 30 goals and 35 assist on a team that has scored 169 goals. Which means Parise has a point in 38% of the Devils' goals.

Now, the NHL MVP usually comes from a winning team so, we'll forget about Steven Stamkos. Ovechkin and Crosby are on offensive first teams so, you would expect a lot of point out of them. Zach Parise plays on a defensive mind team and still has 65 points.

Why Zach Parise is never mentioned for the NHL MVP is beyond me.